Thursday, April 16, 2009

Higher Taxes Coming to Arizona

If you are concerned about the Gov. Jan Brewer trying to raise taxes in order to fix the budget crisis, read on.

Dear Arizona Taxpayer,

Gov. Jan Brewer is trying to get the Arizona Legislature to send a tax increase proposal to the ballot.

The proposal would increase state taxes by a billion dollars a year for three years.

In the middle of a recession.

At a time when many families are already struggling financially and when many businesses are already laying off workers and cutting back on production.

PLEASE CONTACT GOV. BREWER TODAY and tell her you think raising taxes on families and businesses during a recession is a BAD IDEA.

Please send Gov. Brewer a quick email, or better still, leave her a phone message, and ask her to start listening to taxpayers, and to stop listening to the political consultants and fixers who have given her such bad advice.

Contacts for Gov. Brewer’s communications office are:

Email: Phone: (602) 542-1342

Also, use the comment form at

Read more from Tom Jenney: Arizona Director of Americans for Prosperity.

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  1. Arizona withholding changes arrived at my work place today. Also, Arizona has a Tax Amnesty Program in effect now