Friday, June 5, 2009

Arizona: Senate Judiciary Committee to Hear Two Pro-Gun Bills!

On Monday June 8th two very important pro-gun bills head to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is vital that we communicate and respectfully express our desired support of these two bills.

Senate Bill 1243, sponsored by State Senator Russell Pearce (R-18), would clarify the statutory definition of defensive display of a firearm. This clarification of defensive display of a firearm is a valuable addition to your right to self-defense.

Senate Bill 1113, introduced by State Senator Jack Harper (R-4), would give customers the right to take concealed handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol. State Senator Jack Harper (R-4), the restaurant industry, and NRA have worked to craft new language that will be used in place of the currently proposed posting requirements, which will have to be added as an amendment in committee. Over 30 states currently have restaurant carry provisions. In 2005, the Arizona legislature passed a restaurant carry provision, which was vetoed by previous Governor Janet Napolitano. Just this week, Tennessee passed legislation enabling permit holders to carry a firearm for self-defense in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and respectfully urge them to support SB 1243. Also, please ask them to support SB 1113 with the NRA-backed amendment. The appropriate contact information can be found below.

Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Meg Burton Cahill (D-17)
Phone Number: (602)-926-4124

Senator Ken Cheuvront (D-15)
Phone Number: (602)-926-5325

Senator Chuck Gray (R-19)
Phone Number: (602)-926-5288

Senator John Huppenthal, Vice Chairman (R-20)
Phone Number: (602)-926-5261

Senator Richard Miranda (D-13)
Phone Number: (602)-926-5911

Senator Jonathan Paton, Chairman (R-30)
Phone Number: (602)-926-3235

Senator Russell Pearce (R-18)
Phone Number: (602)-926-5760

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