Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whole Foods BUYcott

National "Whole Foods BUYcott"-- Tuesday September 1
BUYCOTT to support Whole Foods Market and Free Speech!

After the recent attacks on Whole Food Markets by leftist thugs and hippies the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has coordinated a "buycott" at Whole Foods on Tuesday September 1st in the evening.

Tea Party Patriot Gina Loudon is asking everyone to hang on to their grocery money until Tuesday, and we will provide sales circulars for people to shop with. Then we will have dinner together for those who want to stay after they shop. Anyone who cannot attend should SAVE THEIR RECEIPTS and mail them to Gina at:

Gina Loudon can be contacted by email at

The Nationwide Tea party Coalition is also supporting this effort.

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