Monday, July 27, 2009

House vote on health care this week

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have had enough with the health
care debate -- they are pressing for a floor vote in the
House THIS WEEK and Pelosi is guaranteeing passage:

"When I take this bill to the floor, it will win," Pelosi said.

Obama and Pelosi are so desperate to rush the bill through
that they are threatening to bypass the Energy and Commerce
Committee where a group of Democrats are still raising

In short, Obama and Pelosi are determined to pass socialized
ObamaCare BEFORE their August recess because opposition is
mounting and they are losing momentum!

+ + House Floor Vote this week!

This new fast-track strategy unfolded shortly after Obama's
bulldog Rahm Emanuel met with Democratic leaders and undoubtedly
issued the marching orders for the House to pass the bill
this week.

But we still have two chances to defeat ObamaCare in the
House -- first in the Energy and Commerce Committee and
then when they bring this monstrosity of a bill to the
floor for a vote.

+ + Action #1 -- Sign the Petition!

We just crossed 270,000 signers and we want to deliver 3
00,000 petitions this WEDNESDAY to the House leadership.

Our records show that you have not yet signed. Please go
here to sign and be included in this petition delivery to the
House this week:

+ + Action #2 -- Fax Key House Members And Say
"No" To ObamaCare

The Energy and Commerce Committee is taking up the bill TODAY.
We have focused our FaxFire on this Committee and other key

Even if you have done so already, please
go here right now to send your faxes opposing
socialized health care to key members of this House
committee along with your two Senators and

(As always, if you want to send your own faxes, we have provided
the fax numbers and sample text for you. Just click here to
access that information:

Again, Obama and Pelosi are desperate to get their socialized
health care plan passed -- so much so that they are even
threatening to bypass the objections of fellow Democrats!

Please... take action today by signing the petition and sending
faxes. And please alert your friends. Thanks for taking action.

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