Friday, July 10, 2009

Please contact Governor Brewer TODAY

three important NRA-backed bills (Senate Bill 1113, Senate Bill 1168, and Senate Bill 1243) are en route to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer (R) for her consideration. Please call Governor Brewer and respectfully ask her to sign these pro-gun bills.

SB1113 would allow concealed carry permit holders to take concealed handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol, provided they are not consuming.

SB1168 would permit a law-abiding individual to store their firearms in their locked motor vehicle while parked on a publicly accessible parking lot controlled by their employer or a business they frequent. This bill will protect your right to keep a firearm in your car if you choose to hunt or target shoot before or after work. SB1168 would also allow an individual to keep a firearm in their vehicle for self-defense during their commute to and from work.

SB1243 would clarify the statutory definition of defensive display of a firearm. This clarification of defensive display of a firearm is a valuable addition to your right to self-defense.

Anti-gun business groups and gun control activists are urging the Governor to veto these bills. Please contact Governor Brewer TODAY and thank her for all of her past support and respectfully encourage her to sign SB1113, SB1168, and SB1243 into law. The Governor can be reached by phone at (602) 542-4331, toll-free at 1-(800) 253-0883, or click here to send email.

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